DJ Tone Le Bone got the inspiration to become a DJ after meeting Sasha in Manchester in May 1992. He was invited back to Sasha’s house through a mutual friend and encouraged to have a go on Sasha’s decks and was told he had natural talent and should stick with it. So Tone went back to Reading and started playing at and organizing house parties (including the legendary London Road parties ). Progressing on from this to play at Reading University students union, the After Dark club, Iguana, Washington heights, the Irish club and many more cool venues. The highlight of his career to date was playing at the Palace in Aberdeen, which included Dave Angel in the line up. Tone was always involved in the music scene around Reading and the UK, working for the legendary ‘Checkpoint Charlie’ crew, at the ‘Record Basement’ record shop and as a tour manager for ‘Muzik’ magazine and as DJ manager for the ‘bedroom Bedlam’ DJ’s from ‘Muzik’ magazine. From 2001-2012 DJ Tone Le Bone only played a few gigs at house parties, birthday parties and weddings for a few special friends. Since 2012 Tone has been re-establishing himself as a DJ in Bratislava and has played at ‘Goblins’, ‘Hangout cafe’, ‘Batelier’, ‘Amber’s bar’, ‘the Carlton Hotel’ and ‘The Tanker Club’. He hopes that people will continue to be entertained by his unique blend of musical genres, drawing influences from Hip-hop, Rock, House, Techno, Jazz, Classical and Drum&Bass.


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